St. Jude Pro-Life Ministry

Next Meeting: Monday, June 5, Parish Center, rm. 3

5:00 Opening Prayer

5:05 Purpose & Opportunities, with these points in mind from Fr. Tri's presentation at our last meeting:

  • You cannot be Catholic and against life.
  • We have to be pro-life from conception to natural death.
  • The issue of life shouldn’t be political. Life is life. The only one to decide about life is God. We have no right to even vote about life or death. We have no business to do this. We are encroaching on God.
  • Everyone is a child of God, even in rape or incest.
  • Many people are very naïve. They let politicians influence them.
  • Your faith informs who you are. We must not change our faith and our beliefs, but we must walk with others to bring them back to God. We need to know right from wrong, not to condemn others but to bring them to Christ.
  • In the eyes of society we appear wrong to them, but we are right. The church is always on the right side of the issue of abortion. We are for life.

5:25 Round Table Presentation & Discussion: Origins

5:40 Closing & Opening – key points & looking forward

5:45 Adjourn for 6:00 mass &/or home to dinner