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For High School Students Grades 9th through 12th


The Confirmation program at St. Jude Parish is utilizing a new program produced and hosted by world renowned Chris Stefanick and published by Ascension Press.  Chosen is a great confirmation program that utilizes modern videos that allow the best youth speakers in the world to be right in the classroom with your teenager.


Who can be my sponsor?
Anyone who is

  • A practicing Roman Catholic
  • Over 16 years of age
  • Not your own mother or father

Your sponsor is someone who stands beside you at your Confirmation to present you to the Bishop.  They undertake to take an interest in your journey of faith.

What about the Confirmation name?
You do not actually have to have a new “Confirmation name” but most people do.  The idea is that you choose the name of a saint and who will be your special patron.  You must therefore know something about the saint and why you are inspired by him or her.  We will help you in this during the course of the preparation program.

What do I have to wear for my Confirmation?
You are not required to wear any specific uniform for Confirmation.  You should dress smartly as for a special occasion.  The most important thing is how you are prepared inside.  What matters is not your external appearance but the state of your soul.

How long are the lessons?
We will meet for one hour and 15 minutes most Sundays or Wednesdays with the exception of Spring and Christmas break.  See calendar for more information.  If you have misplaced your calendar you can obtain another at the Religious Ed or Parish Office or on our website.  Most people find the lessons quite enjoyable and by the time Confirmation comes around, people have made friends and feel much more a part of the Church. You only receive the sacrament of Confirmation once in your life and it is important to prepare properly.

Do I have to go to confession?
Yes.  You should go to Confession regularly anyway.  If it has been a long time since you went, we will help you to prepare and you are sure to find it a very rewarding experience.

What if I cannot go to the lessons?
If there is a serious reason or if you are genuinely ill, your parents can let me know.  I will ask them not to arrange outings that clash with your lessons for Confirmation and you must do your best to keep those times free.  If anyone were to miss the lessons without good reason, they would not be properly prepared to receive the sacrament.



For questions about Youth Confirmation, please contact Ms. Yvette Serna at or call at 505-897-4006.